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Alexander A. Trusov - Main Page

Welcome to the website of Alexander A. Trusov, Ph.D. Alexander A Trusov

I am currently a Senior Scientist in a major defense / aerospace company in the greater LA area, where I lead a portfolio of advanced technology R&D projects the area of inertial sensors, instruments, and systems.

From 2009 through 2012 I was a project scientist with Prof. Shkel's MicroSystems Lab at the University of California, Irvine, where I provided technical leadership and management to a team of 10 postdoctoral and Ph.D. student researchers conducting inertial MEMS research. This website mostly covers my UCI related research and academic activities.

My main areas of expertise include:

  • Conceptualization, design, modeling, fabrication, and vacuum packaging of inertial MEMS.
  • System software architecture, signal conditioning, statistical data processing.
  • Design and implementation of performance characterization experiments, data analysis.
  • Project and personnel management, procurement of funding, acquisition of equipment.
  • Interaction with technical and customer communities, definition of technology trends.

My major externally sponsored research projects while at UCI MicroSystems Lab were:

  • PI, "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Stabilized Folded MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit," DARPA. 
  • PI, "Folded MEMS Integrated Inertial Measurement Unit," DARPA
  • PI, "Self-Calibrating Inertial MEMS (SCI-MEMS)," DARPA.
  • PI, "Gyrocompass on a Chip: A 3-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit with Inherent Frequency Modulation Operation," ONR/NSWCDD.
  • Co-PI, "Precision Rate-Integrating Micro Gyroscope (PRIMG)," DARPA.
  • PI, "Micromachined Spherical Resonators," DARPA.
  • Co-PI, "State-of-the-Art System for Packaging and Characterization of MEMS Gyroscopes," ONR.
  • PI, "MEMS Gyro Technology for Precision Gyro-Compassing Azimuth Sensing Systems," ONR/NSWCDD.
  • PI, "Micro IMU Utilizing Folded Cube Approach," DARPA.

I hope you find the website convenient and informative. Please get back to me with suggestions and questions.


PS: The logo in the upper-left corner of the website is a photograph of an SOI wafer with almost 400 MEMS gyroscopes and other dynamic MEMS designed and fabricated at UCI. [high resolution version]